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If you’re local, don’t forget: Max Brooks will be speaking at the Clark County Library tonight at 7:00pm.


Playgrounds from the 1970s. I was thinking the other day that designing a series of dinosaur jungle gyms would be a lot of fun… apparently there’s at least one already out there. Also, we had the generic t-shaped gym when we were kids — five of us would climb into one at lunch and be Voltron for the hour. [via MAKE]

Heather Anne Campbell’s Demon’s Souls review. I’ve been chipping away at the game all week… it’s tough, but fun tough.

A Gamasutra Q&A: Parsing Fumito Ueda’s Creativity.

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  1. Matt Rouse

    It makes me sick to see McDonald’s with all their super cool indoor hamster tubes for kids now. When *I* was a kid growing up in Phoenix, we had outdoor safety nightmares like a giant cage (shaped like Grimace), on springs. You’d just get knocked back and forth in it, in the summer add 115 degree heat. WWII generation is the toughest one? Ha! They never fought their way through the scrum in the middle of the head of a Mayor McCheese.

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