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Arcade coin bucket / cash box reference.

One of the joys of arcade collecting and restoration is tracking down the proper cashboxes (also known as coin boxes, coin buckets, etc) for individual cabinets. While popular styles did come to the front as the industry progressed, there were no standards in the early days, and a multitude of coin door and cashbox designs were introduced as a result.

Here’s my attempt to make the Quest for the Proper Cashbox a little bit easier. As this is just a start, please reply with corrections, additional manufacturers and cabinets that use the listed boxes, and images and info about cashboxes that aren’t below, and I’ll continue to update the list.

Special thanks go to KLOV member modessitt for the initial images that are seeding this list.

1) Found in: Asteroids, Battlezone, Missile Command


2) Found in: Asteroids Deluxe, Centipede, Tempest


3) Found in: Atari Early 1980s Over/Under cabinets, Dig Dug, Kangaroo, Missile Command (mini), Space Duel


4) Found in: Atari Mid 1980s Over/Under cabinets, Atari System 1 cabs, Star Wars (UR, CP)


5) Found in: Early Midway cabinets, Tron, Ms. Pac-Man, Spy Hunter, Satan’s Hollow, Kick


6) Found in: Later Midway cabinets, Galaga, Pac-Man, Rally-X, Space Encounters, Wizard of Wor


7) Found in: Centuri cabs, Gyruss, Round Up, Vanguard


8) Found in: Taito Space Invaders (CT)


9) Found in: Sega/Gremlin cabinets, Astro Fighter, Frogger, Space Firebird


10) Found in: Midway Ms. Pac-Man & Galaga (CT)


11) Found in: Early Midway cocktails w/ single slot coin doors, Galaxian & Pac-Man (CT)


12) Found in: Super Pac-Man (CT)


13) Found in: Williams cabinets, Joust, Moon Patrol, Robotron, Sinistar, Stargate


14) Found in: Bally pinball? (need to verify)


15) Found in: IREM Madonna


16) Found in: Dragon’s Lair, Solar Quest


17) Found in: Stern Scramble


(Let’s fill in the gaps, so hit me up with what’s missing!)

link love 04-24-09

Make the rules, break the rules. Working our way towards a final candidate, not a whole lot of blog time this week.

Jet Set Games!

Did I tell ya that the redesign launched on Monday? We even have a blog!

From racketboy, A Beginner’s Guide to the Magnavox Odyssey 2.

Subscribe to Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History. Yeah, it’s a hugely popular independent podcast, but I just discovered it this week so maybe it’s new for you, too.

link love 04-15-09

Did you know? Two link loves in a row is cheating. Always write entries with actual content before posting another link love.

Steve Wiebe chat at CoinOpSpace

Drop by the CoinOpSpace chat room tonight at 7:00pm PST and say hello to Steve Weibe, best known as a contender for the Donkey Kong record in the 2007 documentary The King of Kong. Jeff Rothe has posted details about the chat event on his blog.

Close Range: hot new video game consists solely of shooting people point-blank in the face. This was everywhere, but still. Let’s count the days until someone submits an iPhone version.

schild goes nuts over Demon’s Souls, a From Software developed PS3 RPG that’s been making the rounds in the import scene. Still not sure if I want to play it now, or wait for the eventual localization.

Live Nibbler world record attempt

Tim McVey’s world record attempt is currently underway and is being streamed live.

He started playing at 8:33am CST on Friday, and needs to score higher than 1,004,328,140 for the record.

Nibbler World Record Attempt - final score 945,939,420

Update: His final score was 945,939,420. Tim didn’t beat the record, but congratulations are still in order for the grueling attempt.

It may sound dull, but the stream was absolutely fascinating to watch. In addition to the rapid pace of late game, there was the drama of those in the background (including a tense moment when the dog went nuts), Tim’s curses and sighs of relief, and the comments of the several hundred spectators in chat.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of these record-attempting streams in the future. If you hear of any, please let me know!