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S. Darko review.

Say you’re in art school. There’s this guy and his friends, all untalented hacks, but they like to slap each other’s backs and exclaim how brilliant and creative they all are.

In general, quality abstract art takes a heck of a lot of ability to pull off well. A strong foundation in the basics, in lighting, perspective, color theory, anatomy — the better you know the rules, the more thoroughly (and skillfully) you can break them.

Now this guy, he doesn’t care about all that. He just knows that it looks a hell of a lot easier than realism. And besides, he might not be able to paint worth a damn, but he’s a brilliant creative guy, see, and abstract art would be just the way to show off his True Creative Burning Spirit without slogging through all the dirty work of actually learning how to handle a brush.

He sets out to build his masterpiece. He googles a bit, looks over a handful of Jackson Pollock pieces, eyeing the seemingly random cords and splatters of poured paint and color, the fame and notoriety of the artist, and says, I can do this.

And so he lays down his canvas, spread out across the floor, and begins. Instead of brushes and other tools, techniques for each that demand to be learned and mastered, he just flings colors wholesale from buckets, creating clashing and clumsy puddles that pool and seep into each other haphazardly.

And instead of paint, he uses shit.

That’s S. Darko.

Flynn’s and Space Paranoids. Compare!

1982 TRON Flynn’s:
Home of Space Paranoids
Flynn's overhead

2009 Comic-Con Flynn’s:
Comic-Con Flynn's exterior
Want want want want.
Comic-Con Flynn's interior

1982 TRON Space Paranoids cabinet:
Flynn plays Space Paranoids
A closeup of the above shot… In this original version, Space Paranoids is played entirely with buttons (looks like three for movement, and one to fire), ala classic games such as Asteroids.
Space Paranoids close up

2009 Comic-Con Space Paranoids cabinet:
Space Paranoids side art
Space Paranoids marquee
In the new version, Space Paranoids is played with a flight stick (looks like the Gomez design) and a trackball. Were this a production cabinet, the stick and ball would most likely be positioned equidistant from the edges of the control panel, with the trackball on the left.
Space Paranoids cabinet (official image)

1982 TRON Space Paranoids gameplay:
Space Paranoids CPO and gameplay
Space Paranoids
Going for the kill...

2009 Comic-Con Space Paranoids gameplay:
Space Paranoids instructions
Space Paranoids
Not quite a 599,000 point game, but this gives you the basics…

[Movie shots captured from the TRON 20th Anniversary DVD, Comic-Con images and video courtesy of Tron-Sector user Daddyo.]

He’s not any kind of program, Sark. He’s a User.

Via Comic-Con: Flynn’s Arcade, home of TRON, and Flynn Lives.

Here’s a Space Paranoids cabinet as shown on the Flynn’s page. I’m guessing it’s not a prop (awkward controls and positioning, 1990s cabinet design, etc), and was ‘shopped up completely for the web marketing campaign, but still… neat!

Space Paranoids

If anyone has a lead on the Flynn’s tokens they’ve been sending out to the press, let me know!

Flynn's Arcade Tokens

Seriously, I’m ready to unfold the chair and start camping out right now.