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mindless link propagation

link love 020312

Link love, if I send those guys some marquees I wonder if they’ll sign them edition.

Seamus Blackley’s new team of Atari coin-op superstars aim for iPad. See also: The Founding Fathers of Video Games.

Fibonacci Game Design: Tips From A Combat Designer.

From Colette Bennett, the beginner’s guide to Japanese drama.

The Confederate Constitution: What was changed, and why?

Downtown Vegas is gonna get interesting. Tony Hsieh’s new $350 million startup.

link love 012712

Link love! All games edition, plus a really creepy story that kept me up last night.

Play this: Abobo’s Big Adventure, the Ultimate Tribute to the NES.

Bookmark this: Game Pitches, the repository for video game pitches and design documents.

Chad Concelmo writes lovingly on the joy of pinball.

Neo Geo Pocket Returns! New officially licensed portable device inclues 20 Neo Geo classics. It looks neat, but we want details! Details!

What if you died at 38 but no one found you for three years?

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The return of link love (and regular content!), two years later edition.

Hey look, Kotaku did a Total Recall featuring my Divers Dreamcast.

The Atari History Book just met its funding goals, but the Kickstarter campaign still has a week remaining. Go back it and help those guys write about our nerd history.

Oh, oh! The 2012 IGF Finalists were announced!

Practical advice on what to expect from your Tumblr.

Battle Royale is finally coming to Blu-Ray in March. Suck it, Hunger Games!

“Eels always look like they just told a joke and are waiting for a reaction.”

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Hurray for game studio holiday breaks! Looking forward to spending the next week catching up on video games, starting a new restoration project, and uh, writing up design docs for work.

A Video Game Timeline (1967-Present)

Last month, Simon Parkin interviewed competitive Street Fighter legend Daigo Umehara. Go read it at Eurogamer.

Jeri Ellsworth is designing and building her own pinball machine. Here’s her progress so far: day 3, day 4, and plastic bending in a toaster oven.

Jason Scott is taking pre-orders for his text adventure documentary GET LAMP. 25% off until the end of December.

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Retro extravaganza!

Atari Force

Download all 21 issues of DC Comics’ Atari Force, one of the more ah, interesting Atari licensing deals of the 1980s. The original pack-in issues (telling a previous story) are also available.

Scott Evans, curator of, recently uploaded the CAX 2009 Atari alumni discussion panel. Available in 5 parts, Arcade Heroes has bundled them all into a single post.

The birth of an industry: Ralph Baer and His All-Purpose Boxes.

For the ZX Brits: 25 Years of Crash.