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I’ve got a heart on.

Nothing says I love you like a large piece of hard candy in the shape of a NES cartridge.


These cartridge/controller combos, offered up on video gaming auction site, are from the same guy that made the chocolate cart a couple years ago. Strawberry pictured, but also available in tropical punch, grape, mixed berry, orange, and lime flavors.

Craft Day for the arcade cabinet owner.

1) Buy a handful of acrylic photo keychains. I went with the Lifestyles Photo Keytags that Walgreens sells, two for three bucks.

2) Download flyers for your cabinet. The Arcade Flyer Archive is a perfect resource, and you’ll want to find two good pages, for both the front and back sides of the keychain.

3) Clean up and resize the artwork. Some of the scans can be pretty rough, so if you’ve got the knowhow, now is the part where you’ll want to do any color correction and blemish removal from the flyer artwork, otherwise don’t worry about it, they’ll turn out fine enough. Once everything looks good, size ’em down. If you’re using the Walgreens keytags, you’ll want the print size to be 2×2.875 inches.

4) Create a printing template. If you have Photoshop, feel free to use the one I made, formatted roughly to size and for 4×6 glossy photo paper.

5) Print your artwork. Let your printouts dry for a bit, then trim as needed. Place the front and back flyer images in the keytag, snap in the acrylic cover, loop in your cabinet keys and you’re good to go!

Arcade flyer keychains

link love 10-08-08

A Wii Ware Cave Story makes me very happy, because a) it’s a wonderful game, and b) I’ll have a reason to turn on the Wii again. More details here.

Danc’s Rules of Productivity. Good stuff as usual from Lost Garden.

Here’s a tiny pinch of TR2N info from AICN. You know those Star Wars geeks that lined up for Phantom Menace like two weeks before the movie started? Yeah, I’d be that guy with this one, if it weren’t for the whole job thing.

Guinsoo, the creator of DotA-Allstars, is entering the commercial game arena with League of Legends. This is gonna be huge.

link love 08-22-08

Alongside the very kick ass Bionic Commando Rearmed OST, Sumthing has also released the original NES soundtrack. It’s three bucks, go get it.

Retro Space, the newest entry into the pre-built MAME cabinet scene. These things are supposed to sell for around 5000-6000 Euros (I think that’s like $40,000 or something these days). Kinda nice, but not that nice.

Speaking of paying lots of money for your games, here is Rotheblog’s writeup on the 15 most valuable classic arcade games.

And finally, Multiple:Option has released the newest version of Game Trivia Catechism DS (the iPhone version we’re working on is an expanded branch of this). It’s one of two apps he’s entering into the NeoFlash Summer Coding Compo, so wish him luck!

Game Trivia Catechism: iPhone teaser

Here are a few shots from Catechism Mode, one of the game types in the upcoming Game Trivia Catechism for iPhone. Based on GTC DS, this new iPhone version will feature expanded gameplay, multiplayer modes, and even more trivia questions. Developed by Thuyen Nguyen, Josh Martin, and me, GTC will be a free appstore release sometime this fall.

We’re looking for a talented chiptunes-style musician or two to contribute original music for the project, if that’s you or someone you know, please let us know!