Monthly Archives: February 2012

This is big.

Double Fine Adventure hits $1 million funded in less than 24 hrs.

Will this cut out the middle man entirely and kill the current publishing model? No. Tim Schafer, Ron Gilbert, and Double Fine have existing reputations, built in part with the coffers of publishers, that they were able to leverage to pull in such extraordinary funding in such a short amount of time.

Will this stir things up a bit in the industry? Oh hell yeah.

link love 020312

Link love, if I send those guys some marquees I wonder if they’ll sign them edition.

Seamus Blackley’s new team of Atari coin-op superstars aim for iPad. See also: The Founding Fathers of Video Games.

Fibonacci Game Design: Tips From A Combat Designer.

From Colette Bennett, the beginner’s guide to Japanese drama.

The Confederate Constitution: What was changed, and why?

Downtown Vegas is gonna get interesting. Tony Hsieh’s new $350 million startup.