link love 07-16-08

Not-just-stuff-from-E3 edition.

Act I of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is up, and unless you are reading this right now, Act II or III might even be up too. But then, there might only be a day or two left until it’s pulled back down, so go watch it now!

Adam Isgreen has written a list of Game Design No-Nos. Please don’t do those things in that list, game designers of the world.

An interview with a few of the folks from Good Old Games, a classic game download service that’s starting up this fall. Here’s another interview at Gamecyte if you’re still craving words.

From that really smart guy at Lost Garden, a nice article that’s a little bit about Soul Bubbles but mostly about the opinion of experts and why game reviews are broken.

Lastly, Duke Nukem Trilogy. Wow. Just wow.

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