Highlights from the show.

So, for the few of you that haven’t been so inundated with news from E3 that you’ve said screw it and marked everything in your RSS reader as read, here are the things that really stood out for me this year.

Mirrors Edge continues to impress me, and has become the title I’m most looking forward to. Something very different from the folks that brought us the Battlefield series, I really hope EA allows DICE to shine this one up. The design is smart and the direction and story appear to be solid (hell, even the trailer provokes emotion). I think this one has the potential to be one of the landmark titles of the current generation. So far, hands-on impressions have been consistently glowing.

I Am Alive came from out of the blue, and so far little is known about the game other than that you play as Adam, an earthquake survivor in a ravaged Chicago. My personal interest in this is that the just trying to survive the cataclysmic events gameplay (think War of the Worlds, in the role of the narrator) is something I’ve been thinking a bit about, and now that Ubisoft is out the gate, I’m keenly interested in seeing how they approach it.

The Xbox 360 as a Netflix ready device announcement was enough to push me to cancel my long standing Greencine account and make the move to Netflix. I’ve since tried the streaming on my PC, and the quality is acceptable (it varies depending on bandwidth) in exchange for the convenience of an immediate stream. Not every film in the Netflix library can be watched this way, but the selection is growing. Currently, in a queue of just under 300 movies, 41 can be immediately streamed, although I’m guessing that’s skewed downward from the norm due to my preference for more offbeat fare.

Not Quite a Highlight

I really feel for the poor guys at Bungie. Building up to a big reveal at E3 most likely meant a lot of stress and late nights in the weeks leading up to the show. Usually there’s the payoff at the end, but to suddenly have your legs swept out from under you… that could not have been pleasant.

And Finally

Flower might be brilliant, Left 4 Dead is going to be a must-buy, and I’m thrilled about Chrono Trigger DS.

Anything at E3 really catch your eye?

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