Hey all, we made a puzzle game called CircuitBreaker, and it made its way to the App Store last night!

It’s free, so give it a shot, and let me know what you think.

Here’s the marketing bit.

  • Over 150 levels
  • Three board sizes with increasing difficulty, from the fast-paced 5×5 to the challenging 9×11
  • Oh, and FREE level updates!

BONUS: The game is ad supported, and we’ll be donating a third of studio revenue for the rest of the year to Child’s Play, a charity that everyone in the studio is a big fan of.

2 thoughts on “CircuitBreaker!

  1. Brian Hanifin

    OK, I’m addicted. I had a hard time putting it down tonight.

    Suggestion: I’ve been playing a game on Android the past few days called Wood Bridges. It is a bridge building game and it gives you points based on how few pieces you use. They even have both a local and a global leader board which shows at the end of the each level. This has caused me to be motivated to replay each level over and over again to try to get close to the top score. For your game you could just count the number of moves.

  2. Chris A Post author

    Glad you like it!

    Leaderboards would be a fun addition, as well as more information on the levels you’ve previously completed (such as, as you mentioned, number of moves). We’ve got other game modes that we’re toying with, but we wanted to make sure the base game was a solid enough experience before moving on to the new bits.

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