CES: Places to get hammered that aren’t casinos.

Just thought I’d share. You know, for the kids.

Downtown Cocktail Room (map)

Right across from the Fremont St Experience, near the corner of Fremont and Las Vegas Blvd. Modern decor, moody lighting, and often a DJ spinning house or downtempo. DCR has fancy drinks, by an actual mixologist, and their Bloody Mary is supposed to be damn good, if you’re the sort that likes salad in your alcohol.

The Griffin (map)

More cozy to DCR’s swanky, but often catering to similar crowds. Brick and leather interior, a nice firepit, and good music. On Fremont St just east of the Fremont St Experience.

Beauty Bar (map)

Yep, we’ve got one here too. Right around the corner from the others listed above, on Fremont. Mmm, hipsters.

Double Down Saloon (map)

Happiest place on earth! On Paradise nuzzled right within the closest thing Vegas has to a gay district… kick ass jukebox, and an excellent alternative during CES if the downtown bars are slammed. Always a good vibe, even with Alfonzo and the midget porn gone.

Frankie’s Tiki Room (map)

A new bar by P Moss (owner of the Double Down), Frank’s Tiki Room is a tiny place just west of Las Vegas Blvd, on Charleston. As the name suggests, it’s wall to wall tiki, with a menu full of custom drinks. Possibly enchanted.

Peppermill Fireside Lounge (map)

It’s the Peppermill, been here for years and years. It has a fountain that is also on fire. Due to it’s Strip location, expect it to be crazy busy over CES, unless you go around 3am (which, to be honest, is really the best time to visit the Peppermill).

4 thoughts on “CES: Places to get hammered that aren’t casinos.

  1. Macc

    I will second the Double Downs and Peppermill recommendations. I’d also recommend Hennessey’s Tavern and Brass on Freemont St. Plus I always end up running into fun cats at The Glacier Bar outside Gameworks and at Sin City Brewery in the Planet Hollywood Shops.

  2. Jangofatt

    From my perspective, these most of these locations are just headaches for me because of my day job and I tend to avoid drinking at our customer’s bar. Call it a conflict of interest, or whatever, but I just can’t enjoy myself due to not wanting to be drunk in front of the customer.

    With that said, Frankie Tiki Room & Double Down are sweet looking establishments to get blitz at just for all the sweet looking things hanging off the walls.

  3. Chris

    Yeah, Hennessey’s another good one. Also on the topic of pubs, McMullan’s (on Trop, near Decatur) is great, with tasty food and quiz nights every Tuesday.

    You’d totally dig Frankie’s Tiki Room.. should check it out one of these nights.

  4. Macc

    I haven’t been there in a while, but I use to regular McMullan’s when I was living on that side of town. I never got around there for quiz nights. I usually went on Fridays or Saturdays when they have the one irish house band. I will second that the food there is excellent.

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