Madonnas come home.

Picked these up locally today: two Irem Madonnas, Japanese candy cabs from the late 1980s. They look to be in fairly rough shape, but neither is dented or damaged, so they should be one of the easier restoration projects on deck.

Irem Madonnas - Front

Irem Madonnas - Back

Compared to other candy cabs, there’s relatively little information about these online. Guess not too many of em made it over to the States. Next step is tracking down a couple decent 25in monitors.

3 thoughts on “Madonnas come home.

  1. Chris

    Local buy, from craigslist. Aside from an Egret 29 some day in the future, I’m happy with two (one vert, one hori)… if I see anything else pop up I’ll pass it your way.

  2. Macc

    Lol. I linked those to my one friend last week. Looks like you beat him to it tho. Be interested to see how they look once they are fixed up.

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