Tracking down the fifth ghost.

Remember the story last year about the haunted Ms. Pac-Man cabinet that was initially offered as a free giveaway on the Boston craigslist, and then re-offered the next day by its new (and supposedly freaked-out) owner?

A friend, intending to purchase a Ms. Pac-Man cabinet anyway, has taken it upon himself to track it down. Scam, hoax, or the real deal, he’s gonna work his way to the bottom of the sordid tale, and hopefully end up with an arcade game in the process.

From what I can tell after a few minutes of cursory browsing, while several Boston-area collectors did attempt to make contact immediately after the ads were posted, none of them heard anything in reply. The story appears to have gone cold from there, so if there’s anything you can fill in from beyond that point, be sure to let him know.

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