Insomniac Cinema

Not the name I would’ve chosen for a series that takes place in the early evening, but whatever, it’s interesting local film happenings, and offStrip at that!

Tropicana Cinemas, a local movie house that at one time or another has been an arthouse theater, a budget theater, a latino theater, and most recently a budget theater again, has begun a series called Insomniac Cinema, where they’ll be screening classic (defined loosely) movies every Wednesday at 7:30pm. Here’s the list of upcoming shows:

3/18/2009 – Robocop

3/25/2009 – The Godfather

4/01/2009 – The Goonies

4/08/2009 – Space Balls

4/15/2009 – Raiders of the Lost Ark

4/22/2009 – Ghostbusters

4/29/2009 – Psycho

5/06/2009 – The Warriors

5/13/2009 – Moulin Rouge

5/20/2009 – The Big Lebowski

5/27/2009 – Labyrinth

Last time I chatted with the owner, he was looking into picking up a liquor license and building one of the theaters into a lounge. Might make for a fun Alamoesque sort of setting if he can bring the filmgoers out.

Tropicana Cinemas is located on Tropicana and Pecos, sharing a strip mall with the Pinball Hall of Fame, a bar, and a comic book store. Nice lil geek-friendly corner, at least until the PHoF moves up the street later this spring.

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