Child’s Play Charity – Support UMC

Las Vegas’ own UMC Children’s Center was added to the Child’s Play Charity roster last year, and thanks to the generous giving of the gamer community, they were happily inundated with gifts that allowed the young temporary residents of the children’s hospital to have at least a slightly less unenjoyable stay. Being sick sucks, and as many of us know, a good video game can be a hell of a way to take your mind off the things that ail you for a bit.

While tonight is Christmas Eve, the toy drive continues until the end of the year. If you’ve yet to donate, please take a moment and browse the UMC Amazon wishlist, or visit Child’s Play and find your own local hospital to support. Buying games is fun (even if it’s not for yourself), you’ll be doing a great deed for a sick kid, and who knows, that copy of Dragon’s Quest IV for the DS just might be the catalyst that creates a new gamer for life.

Merry Christmas, all.

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