link love 06-02-09

June 2nd, 2009

It’s E3 week! Next week is WWDC week! Productivity hammered!

Pixelvixen and Milo

Pixelvixen707 talks Milo, or more interestingly, an imaginary blogger writes about an imaginary friend.

From Leigh Alexander, the chiptunes band that just might break through.

Miss any of the big three press conferences? Offworld points out the important bits from Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony. My personal favorites from each are Shadow Complex, New Super Mario Wii, and The Last Guardian.

Tracking down the fifth ghost.

May 21st, 2009

Remember the story last year about the haunted Ms. Pac-Man cabinet that was initially offered as a free giveaway on the Boston craigslist, and then re-offered the next day by its new (and supposedly freaked-out) owner?

A friend, intending to purchase a Ms. Pac-Man cabinet anyway, has taken it upon himself to track it down. Scam, hoax, or the real deal, he’s gonna work his way to the bottom of the sordid tale, and hopefully end up with an arcade game in the process.

From what I can tell after a few minutes of cursory browsing, while several Boston-area collectors did attempt to make contact immediately after the ads were posted, none of them heard anything in reply. The story appears to have gone cold from there, so if there’s anything you can fill in from beyond that point, be sure to let him know.

link love 05-01-09

May 1st, 2009

Swine flu swine flu, whatcha gonna do…

SC3 party

Collector Steve Hertz hosts the semi-annual SC3 arcade parties at his house in Claremont, California, where attendees get to try their hands at retro consoles, play rare arcade cabinets, and meet other gaming enthusiasts. Here’s his recap of last weekend’s party. Also see COIN-OP TV’s coverage.

Bubbling back up due to the XBLA release, read all about the History of Virtual-On. Downloaded the demo last night, looking forward to some quality time with the game this weekend.

Oh, and to toot our own horn for a moment, Jet Set App’s first app, BottomLine, just went live on the iTunes Store. Games soon, we promise.

Live Nibbler world record attempt

April 11th, 2009

Tim McVey’s world record attempt is currently underway and is being streamed live.

He started playing at 8:33am CST on Friday, and needs to score higher than 1,004,328,140 for the record.

Nibbler World Record Attempt - final score 945,939,420

Update: His final score was 945,939,420. Tim didn’t beat the record, but congratulations are still in order for the grueling attempt.

It may sound dull, but the stream was absolutely fascinating to watch. In addition to the rapid pace of late game, there was the drama of those in the background (including a tense moment when the dog went nuts), Tim’s curses and sighs of relief, and the comments of the several hundred spectators in chat.

I’ll be keeping an eye out for more of these record-attempting streams in the future. If you hear of any, please let me know!

link love 03-20-09

March 20th, 2009

Getting this out now ’cause we’re eating miracle berrys for lunch edition.

Gamester's supergun

Gamester built a supergun setup in a NES package. Nicely done.

After six years of surveys, Nick Yee is laying The Daedalus Project to rest. Nick’s gamer surveys have pretty much become synonymous with mmo gaming, looking forward to seeing what he accomplishes nest.

Lastly, Edge’s Hot 100 Game Developers of 2009.