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Eat a delicious mangosteen.

Relatively unavailable in the US until recently, we first tasted the mangosteen while in the Vietnam countryside, and I’ve been keeping an eye out for the things ever since. With its thick pomegranate-like shell, a meaty interior resembling an orange crossed with a peeled grape, and a unique sweet with a touch of sour taste, the mangosteen would sit near the top of my favorite fruits list, were I to compile a list of favorite fruits.

At long last, the local 99 Ranch received a shipment (selling for $6.99/lb), and I snatched up a couple pounds worth last night. Damn these things are good.


Forget the miracle fruit nonsense, as you wouldn’t be eating the rind anyway and the nutritional content of the meat really isn’t anything special, but do dine on one if given the chance.

And, in preparation for that potential partaking: how to enjoy a mangosteen.

What else I did last weekend.


Found this pigeon sitting on the street as the car he was taking refuge under pulled away. The above video is after he’d been in the house for a few days and graduated from baby bird mush to soaked pellet bits. The tea kettle sound he makes when he’s hungry drives the dog bonkers.

The response.

Dear Chris Ainsworth,

Thank you for visiting our website and for your e-mail message. It is always a pleasure to hear from our consumers whose ideas, comments and concerns are very important to us here at Dreyer’s.

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