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Caucus Chaos

Tina and I attended the Nevada Democratic Caucus on Saturday and cast our lots with the Obama camp, who, although he lost the popular vote, won out the day with 13 delegates over Hillary’s 12.

Caucus Chaos

Organization was a mess. No one had any clue what precinct they were in, an issue as everyone was supposed to be grouped by precinct. I wound up being thrown into the mix, a line of folks in front of me as I looked up addresses and numbers on the caucus website. Hillary people were yelling at Obama people, no one could hear any of the official letter reading bits, and there weren’t enough forms to go around. A dozen or so people turned in handwritten votes on purple construction paper.

Caucus Chaos 2

Still, it was an interesting experience, a chance to meet the neighbors, and hey, we were making history!