link love 01-27-09

January 27th, 2009

The Offworld 20: 2008’s Best Indie and Overlooked video games. Good stuff, Offworld, your placement in my feedlist continues to improve.

Mail Order Monsters

Fond Memories: Mail Order Monsters. Levi Buchanan reminisces about the game I loved most when I was young, and one I’d love to play a part in revisiting someday. Hey holders of the keys to the Electronic Arts IP vaults, call me, let’s talk.

The Pinball Blog (now with RSS, hurray!) interviews the Pinball Hall of Fame’s Tim Arnold.

Play Meter’s 2008 State of the Arcade Industry report. What accounts for the nearly doubling of video game per-cabinet revenues, especially when compared to the static or lackluster performance in the other coin-op areas? [via Arcade Heroes]

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  1. Nick: The Pinball Blog on January 27, 2009 11:32 am

    Thanks for the link to the Tim Arnold interview Chris. Sorry it took me so long to get my head round the whole ‘feed’ thing (not that I’ve got my head around it yet, but it appears to be working!). Cheers!


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