link love 10-16-08

October 16th, 2008

Two link loves in a row without a content post? Oh hell! To top it off, I forgot that today was recycling day, and the bins are full! Oh hell!

schild’s interview with Raph Koster is up, covering subscriptions, Metaplace, and fun. I still have problems reading the word ‘metaplace’ correctly.

Start to Finish: Publishing a Commercial iPhone Game.

IndieGames insightfully reviews 2D Boy’s World of Goo. I think I’m gonna get the Wii version.

Lux Touch is a free Risk-like game for the iPhone. Fun to play, definitely worth downloading, but not much in the way of options (that’s all coming in the later pay version). For me, Risk and Apple have always gone together; we played the hell out of Risk Deluxe on the SE back in school.

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