June 20th, 2008

The last time I saw Them! was over 20 years ago, so heading into this I wasn’t expecting much more than 50’s camp. But after last night, I’ve gotta admit: for a movie about giant ants invading LA, Them! was surprisingly solid.

Cinevegas Them! screening setup
Setup, just beyond the Fremont Street Experience on 3rd Street. Behind the first cluster of chairs were a handful of Cadillacs, followed by more chairs, Red Bull cars and free refreshments. Not really a drive-in at all, but still fun.

Cinevegas Them! screening
Attendance was great and all the seats were full. It attracted quite a bit of attention; people would wander over from Fremont and watch the movie from the sidelines for a few minutes at a time until shooed away by security guards.

Here’s hoping that the show was enough of a success to carry the idea beyond Cinevegas. I’d love to see them continue this monthly, either here or better yet, in collaboration with the Las Vegas Drive-In.

See Them! tonight on Fremont St

June 19th, 2008

For the Vegas locals out there, don’t forget that tonight is the Cinevegas screening of 1954’s colossal killer ant classic, Them!.


Join me at the mock drive-in, set up just off the Fremont St Experience. The Neonopolis garage is probably the best place to park for the night.

Fremont St and 3rd St
9:00 PM tonight

Tickets are on sale at the Cinevegas Box Office at the Palms, and the screening is expected to sell out. Unfortunately, there’s no way to get these tickets online, but there will be shuttle service from the Palms to the screening location.

Bonus link love!

June 18th, 2008

Christopher Orr reviews The Happening. [via zenarchery]

It sounds like Shyamalan is trying to accomplish with his movies what the trees are doing with their toxins. Anyway, no one thought to wear a gas mask?

link love 06-18-08

June 18th, 2008

More on the subject of comic books, read the tales of the Mile High Collection and its sordid sequel, two of the largest finds in the history of comic book dealers and collectors.

This weekend is another free Team Fortress 2 weekend on Steam. Looking forward to seeing how the PC version plays compared to the 360.
Also, Meet the Sniper. [via game|life]

New mega64 videos! Marcus’ Corner episode five, and uh, Assassin’s Creed.

Hot Toys is preparing to release 1/6 Dutch & Billy figures.

And as they say, the future of gaming is user generated content.

What else I did last weekend.

June 17th, 2008

Found this pigeon sitting on the street as the car he was taking refuge under pulled away. The above video is after he’d been in the house for a few days and graduated from baby bird mush to soaked pellet bits. The tea kettle sound he makes when he’s hungry drives the dog bonkers.