More on the Clark County Dem Convention

February 24th, 2008

I’ve got a whole slew of stuff from the day captured on audio, but others have done better and provided some actual video. This makes me happy, now all I’ve gotta do is write up a few words and toss out links versus spending the evening cleaning up sound files. Hurray internet!

Update: Eh whatever, it was easy, added a few audio files to the post.

So, in roughly chronological order…

From PolitickerNV, here’s Bill Stanley attempting to recess the convention due to the chaos of the day. At this time, the crowd didn’t exactly care for the idea.

I’ve uploaded audio of the whole exchange:

Somewhere in the middle of things, Al Franken gave his speech.

I missed the first few seconds where he quipped about how none of the day’s events were his fault, but the rest is there. It was a good speech, and I wish him the best of luck in Minnesota.

Next came the motion to caucus, which went slightly better:

Franky sent over his video of Billy Vassiliadis addressing the Obama campaign gathering (where I was located) after the two camps decided to split up and figure out a way to resolve the day’s mess:


As you can see, this time around the same proposal to recess had an ultimately favorable reaction. The two campaigns regrouped in the main hall, the motion passed, and everyone went home, shaking their heads.

More from PolitickerNV:
Pandemonium! The 2008 Clark County Democratic Convention

And here’s the RJ take on things:
COUNTY CONVENTION: Chaos delays Democratic vote

Clark County Democratic Convention

February 23rd, 2008

Been a crazy day so far, six hours into it. Updating the interesting bits on twitter as the day progresses.