link love 03-06-09

March 6th, 2009

Link love, multiples of three edition.


From Hit Self-Destruct: Domestic City, a series of vignettes in nine parts:
[one two threefour five sixseven eight nine]

A Life Well Wasted episodes two is out. Go listen, this one is about kindred spirits.

And thirdly, this is why I love the internet.

link love 01-13-08

January 13th, 2009

Back from drinking too much over CES week edition!

Zelda desktop

Orioto’s megalomaniac thread of ambitious HD remake wallpapers.

GSW interviews pinball designer Pat Lawlor, one of the few pinball designers still in the business of designing pinball games. Also neat: JAMMA 1986.

IndieGames’ Best Freeware Shoot ’em ups 2008.

With SF IV on the way, it’s time to put together an arcade stick! The question is, do I buy something, make something, or mod something?