Dear residents of Tenpenny Tower,

November 13th, 2008

I guess sorry doesn’t really cut it right about now.

[minor spoilers follow, and I don’t wanna get yelled at]


Dear residents of Tenpenny Tower,

I guess sorry doesn’t really cut it right about now.

I’m a nice guy, honest. Too nice, sometimes, to tell you the truth. Like when that ghoul in the basement back behind your place asked if I could hit some switch for him, I said sure. Help out those in need, you know? Do unto others, and all that. Build up good karma.

How was I supposed to know that my action would result in the unleashing of a pack of wild ferals directly into your lobby? Shouldn’t there be safeguards against that sort of thing?

And you know, if I’m being really honest here, which I am, I have to say that some of you really had it coming. I don’t want to say that’s what you get, because then that’d be deflecting blame from myself, and that’s not entirely fair, but guys, come on. You had to know something wasn’t entirely right with that Allistair creep, that no good could eventually come of your arrangements with him. If it wasn’t me facilitating the ghoul massacre, it would’ve been something else.

Except for you, Herbert. You were a nice guy, not a bigot like the rest, and I’ve always enjoyed your radio program. I’ll find Argyle for you, I promise. Let’s just keep the circumstances of your undoing between ourselves, shall we?

My most sincere apologies,
Vagary, (ex)Vault Dweller

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  1. Curtis Brown on November 30, 2008 12:24 pm



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