Arcade warehouse buy.

September 10th, 2008

This one is mostly for the locals. Want to buy a video game?

I’ll be helping to load up an arcade operator buyout next week. The plan is to sell off as many cabinets as possible locally, and then the buyer will take the rest of the lot home in a rental truck. As a result, I’m sure anyone looking to pick up one of the larger games (yeah you, TX-1) will find themselves with a particularly good deal. We won’t see the machines until next week, so pricing is totally up in the air, but expect hobbyist-friendly numbers.

If you are interested in one or more of the games, let me know, and plan to be free the morning of September 19th.

A few of these are already spoken for, but here’s the list, as provided by the current owner:

01. Turkey Shoot
02. Turkey Shoot-minor gun adjustment needed (they used an optic type plastic on this game)
03. Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom
04. Mappy
05. Tempest (needs flyback)
06. Mach 3 Laser Game (have good player-if you are familiar with these, they need calibrated to the individual disc player-this is a nice one)
07. Rampage
08. Top Choice crane-works
09. Pac Land (conv. Game-not dedicated-in Journey cabinet)
010. Paperboy
011. Power Drift Mini Sid Down
012. Star Trek S/D Non working
013. Star Trek S/D Non working
014. Endro Racer ride on-restored nice-worked ok to my memory
015. TX1-did work-unknown now-rare
016. VS Cocktail-Super Mario Bros & Ladies Golf
017. Astron Belt Laser Game Deluxe Sit Down-Nice-No player-ultra rare-I almost certainly will have a player and disc for this game-but not sure.
018. Xevious
019. Hang on u/r
020. Interstellar U/R Very Rare
021. Neo Geo 2 slot 25″ monitor dedicated
022. Track-n-field Cocktail
023. VS Dual Super Mario Bros & Dr. Mario
024. Zombie Raid-minor gun problem
025. Xevious
026. TX1-I would say this is good for parts for the other one-used to work, but was parted out in the coin door area
027. Pole Position II S/D
028. Road Riot 2 player dedicated S/D
029. Pac Land Dedicated
030. Super Monaco GP u/r-minor paddle shifter problem, if I remember correctly
031. Q*Bert-Nice
032. Ms. Pac Man 19″ dedicated
033. Capcom Bowling
034. Kangaroo dedicated-nice
035. Strange Science Pinball-Nice-Works
036. Make Trax-needs small controls board on monitor-was robbed to fix another game

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