June 20th, 2008

The last time I saw Them! was over 20 years ago, so heading into this I wasn’t expecting much more than 50’s camp. But after last night, I’ve gotta admit: for a movie about giant ants invading LA, Them! was surprisingly solid.

Cinevegas Them! screening setup
Setup, just beyond the Fremont Street Experience on 3rd Street. Behind the first cluster of chairs were a handful of Cadillacs, followed by more chairs, Red Bull cars and free refreshments. Not really a drive-in at all, but still fun.

Cinevegas Them! screening
Attendance was great and all the seats were full. It attracted quite a bit of attention; people would wander over from Fremont and watch the movie from the sidelines for a few minutes at a time until shooed away by security guards.

Here’s hoping that the show was enough of a success to carry the idea beyond Cinevegas. I’d love to see them continue this monthly, either here or better yet, in collaboration with the Las Vegas Drive-In.

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