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June 12th, 2008

So the TMNT action figure bit in my last post has led to a hunt to see what back issues are going for (fairly cheap, if you don’t insist on 1st printings), if there were ever any trades released of the original Mirage issues (there were, and they are long out of print), and what the online comic book industry looks like these days. Everything in life is a potential rabbit hole to be lost in, for me.

Comics are one of the rare things I tend to always buy in person, and that’s mostly thanks to Ralph Mathieu, progenitor of Alternate Reality Comics, a shop I’ve been visiting off and on since the mid ’90s. I’ll drop by once every few months, he recommends a book or two, and off I go. Ralph reads pretty much everything and has a great eye for quality, so his recommendations tend to be pretty much spot on.

I just discovered that Ralph has a blog, an outlet where he can now share his comic book wisdom with the whole of the world. Go read through the archives, and find yourself a new gem or two.

One Response to “Ich Liebe Comics”

  1. Ralph Mathieu on June 12, 2008 2:12 pm

    Hi Chris

    Thanks for the kind words about me, my store, and my recommendations! Also thanks for the patronage. You and your new wife look like a great couple – may you both have at least 70 healthy years together!

    I don’t play any video games, not because I don’t think there are ones that I’d like, but I’m just worried about finding ones I love and then having another constraint on my time! Your blog / site has a great lavout and it looks like you have a lot of interesting content.


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