link love 05-30-08

May 30th, 2008

An interview with Jason McIntosh, part of the team working on the upcoming boutique MMO (I like that term), Lila Dreams.

It’s fun to follow along! Adam Pratt has posted a new progress video for The Game Grid, his soon to open arcade in Salt Lake City, Utah. Nice mix of cabinets so far, and I like the TRON design concept.

Rage against the machines, by Tom Chatfield, from the UK monthly Prospect. [via kaliyuga blues]

Brandon Sheffield interviews SCEA’s Greg deBeer on dialog and voice acting.

And if for some reason this is the only game blog you’ve read this week, Ubisoft announced the sequel to Beyond Good & Evil. Congrats, Mr. Ancel.

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  1. Curtis Brown on May 30, 2008 11:32 am

    shoot me if you will but this is pretty funny if your a dreamcast fan.


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